Review: Speaking In Tongues


4 Stars (4 / 5)

Speaking in Tongues, performed by Little Bat Theatre promises love, sex, deception and betrayal – all of which it delivers, articulating the sad reality that someone may be the love of your life, but it does not follow that you will be the love of theirs. Performed by a stellar cast who breathe life into their double roles, leading the audience to understand, and even sympathize with, sometimes unsympathetic characters.

Australian writer Andrew Bovell’s themes of marital weakness, love and death are universal, sometimes menacing, sometimes poignant, and ultimately expressing how all human lives are interconnected, with or without knowing. This is also a testament to the actors who had the ability to give these themes the weight they deserve.

Using the minimum of both sets and props and making good use of the theatre’s space, director Una McDade she shows that good staging need not mean lavish staging. This allows the text to speak for itself. Little Bat’s performances achieve clarity, and this play’s often overlapping (but deeply interwoven speeches) do not overwhelm.

See this production while you can!

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