Review: Salsa Celtica

Oran Mor

24 June 2015, 8pm

4 Stars (4 / 5)


The crowd is already on the floor in anticipation before Salsa Celtica takes the stage and charges in with a fast-paced Cuban tune. A combination of Scotland and Ireland’s leading musicians, collaborating with a Cuban father-and-son duo, the musicians have the crowd like putty in their hands from the start. All of them perform with a glint in their eye, as if they know the audience is definitely going to enjoy what they have to offer. They are having fun sharing their music and so is the crowd, which range from twenty-somethings to silver-haired ladies dancing up a storm in their shawls.

There is undeniable artistry and skill lifting up the room with such voracious energy. The music is amazing and the atmosphere is full of sparks. The music takes the crowd to the heated streets of Cuba to the Celtic regions, then slowly fusing both musical styles into a sizzling synthesis that creates the distinct sound of Salsa Celtica. With such generosity in their performance, it is no wonder that the crowd cheers incessantly and yells “Encore!” until the musicians return to the stage.

The night at Oran Mor was definitely magical, and it would definitely be a treat to savour more Salsa Celtica.