Review: Hero Worship Jul04


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Review: Hero Worship

CCA Glasgow

4 Stars (4 / 5)

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Anarchronism is an aspiring Superhero, working the tills at the supermarket. When he checks out form the checkout he checks out alone… but deep down he’s a Superhero; desperate to discover his secret power and earn his origin story.

This original story (written, acted and directed by Kenny Boyle) is funny from the get go, occasionally heart-warming, saddening, dramatic, poetic and ultimately uplifting. The tale of a grown orphan who spent his weekends writing letters to Peter Parker, being jolted out of the fantasy-land of comics by his unannounced side-kick – a lost dog.

Armed with a new ally, Anachronism goes on to find real-world love and companionship. He meets a romantic partner who suffers from anxiety and depression, and learns that although we all need heroes, sometimes all we need to be a hero is our empathy, and our sensitivity to those who depend on us.

Brilliantly engaging – Boyle’s show embraces improvisation, audience participation, spoken word poetry, and an arc of emotional highs and lows. Join Anarchronism on the roof of a sky-scraper somewhere, looking over the city, cape flailing in the wind, as he plans his next assault on crime.