Review: The Happy Deception

Raucous Rossini
CCA, Glasgow, Scotland, July 15th – 8pm
Kippen Parish Church, Scotland, 8pm, July 17th
Englefield Long Gallery, England, 6pm, July 19th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

Raucous Rossini is a student-led and funded opera company based out of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, currently touring the UK and Italy with their production of Rossini and Foppa’s The Happy Deception which is premiering in Scotland – only 201 years after it was written! Introducing the production is founder and conductor Maximillian Fane.

Drawing influence from 1920’s silent film and vaudeville style mime, director India Crawford creates a fast-paced and seamless production. While the English-spoken word segments come across as awkward where performers are not completely off-book, the vocal performances are beautiful and engaging. James Corrigan’s charismatic and energetic portrayal of Batone draws focus to him each time he takes to the stage.

Minimalist set and costume give the production a modern and youthful appearance and the cast tackle their roles with an anarchic tongue-n-cheek attitude. The Happy Deception is a pleasure to watch; a brilliantly accessible introduction to opera.