Review: Can’t Forget About You

The Tron

24rd July 2015, 7.30pm

5 Stars (5 / 5)

For the romantic wrapped in a thick layer of cynicism and sarcasm, this production speaks to the soul. Two characters desperately fighting against their hearts as they fall in love with someone who does not fit their ideal template. Can’t Forget About You is a wonderful, modern day production.

This show lures you into a wonderful world of constant laughter, and there are many morals in this story tackling difficult topics such as grief, family, heartbreak and religion. The soundtrack is excellent, surpassing that of any play I have seen. The audience reluctantly take their seats as the 90’s classics tempt everyone, or perhaps just me, to dance in the aisles.

This kind of modern day theatre speaks to the masses and should be seen by them. An incredibly funny production from start to finish having the audience leave with not only enormous smiles on their faces but also that warm feeling in their tummy having seen a beautiful love story, if a bit miss-matched.