Review: Swing by Around 8

Fourth Wall
C Nova, Victoria Street Edinburgh, Scotland, Run Ended August 2015
4 Stars (4 / 5)

The Fringe exists for little gems like Swing by Around 8!

Witty, Quirky, Contemporary; with the essential element of mirroring the more irritating, irrational and yet somehow inescapable aspects of our interpersonal relationships… albeit in some strange and unlikely setting.

Matt and Katherine have decided to try and repair their ailing relationship by enlisting another couple to an orgy… However, as their dinner party progresses the two begin to wonder whether Amelia and Elliot, who have arrived by the introduction of a mutual friend, really know what they are supposed to be there for. Too “British” to broach the subject directly, Matt and Katherine try their best to drop subtle hints while keeping up appearances through bouts of jealousy, passive aggression and ancient resentments surfacing between each couple… not to mention an unexpected visit from the police.

This gives way to the crowing achievement of the piece. A delicious slapstick where Matt and Katherine, having decided that their guests are not aware of what they are in for, heatedly attempt to hatch an exit plan; while in the next room Amelia and Elliot are acting on the assumption that the police officer is some sort of gigolo arrived to get the party started.

Eliza Cummings-Cove excels in in the role of Amelia, who gets progressively drunk and grandiose, while it is the subtleties in her performance tone and body language that say it all. Fourth Wall from Durham University give outstanding performances all round.