Review: Follow The Faun

Andy Black
Spotlites, Merchant’s Hall, Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Until August 31st 2015
5 Stars (5 / 5)

Prepare to Participate; The Faun is going to take you on a New Age Adventure of sexual liberation.

Open up your Crown Chakras ladies and gentlemen, it’s The Age of Aquarius: where science and technology meet spirituality leading to the mind expanding fusion of fantasy, sexuality, and Rave which gives birth to The Faun… But will you follow him?

His guided meditations will have you flying through the galaxy, releasing your predatory instincts, and ultimately dancing to a climax.

Limitlessly Engaging, Contemporary, Humorous, Bawdy; a beautiful fusion of themes… Follow The Faun is a must for anyone brave enough to leave their seats because, as with so many things in life: you get in what you put out…. [sic]