Review: The Destroyed Room

Vanishing Point
Tron Theatre, Edinburgh
25th February – 5th March 2016
5 Stars (5 / 5)

Back when I was young – between when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and only four television channels existed (Yes Really) – I would sneak down to watch a late night Channel Four show called After Dark. Yes, I was that pompous even then. After Dark was usually followed by a French film though, which usually would contain enough nudity to sate my young pre-internet self-desires. After Dark was a late night discussion show where the guests would discuss a topic and get steadily drunk and abusive to each other. Think The Jeremy Kyle Show but with academic pretensions.

The Destroyed Room puts me in mind of the experience of viewing a conversation playing out. It relates to the idea of watching and being watched, the over-saturation of lenses in our world, and the ease of accessing material. It concerns the voyeurism of tragedy in the modern world, and whether we as viewers are participants and part of the events we view is being asked by The Destroyed Room. Are we creating a demand for extreme material being so removed by suffering of our fellow humans by simple distance or are we so jaded by grief that we seek out greater extremes?

As the three participants discuss the issue they are filed, their own live images projected onto screens in a mirroring of our society’s need to document our lives (“Pics Or It Didn’t Happen”).

A very interesting and thought provoking piece.