Review: Tron 100 Saturday 18th

Tron Theatre


Tron 100 – Saturday 18th of June

Chair Life by Caron Brand

If you suddenly found out that you would never be able to run a marathon – even if you wanted to – would you start to wanting to run a marathon?

Chair Life explores the psychological implications of being wheelchair bound. Susan, feeling completely hopeless, tries to extract understanding from her less than empathetic therapist who is keen to get her to dust herself off and move on.

Filter by Stewart Schiller

One of the highlights of the evening, Filter is a slightly bizarre, partly devised situation comedy that mostly centres around the dynamic constructed between the two actors, Tom Moriary and Sarah-Beth Brown, who play a loveable couple with skeletons in their closets. Very charming and enjoyable.

What I Want by Cicely Gill

What does it mean to a couple if the man desperately wants to have a baby, but his partner doesn’t? What if she is pregnant but can’t face termination? What I Want is a stirring and funny piece, if some of the acting was rather laboured.

History of a Life by Shilpa T Hyland

History of a Life based on Daniel Defoe’s Roxana, stands out whether for good or ill. The Renaissance vernacular is intermittently dropped in favour of contemporary colloquialisms – “shagging” or “fuck his brains out.” While it may have struck as a little pretentious a piece at first it soon fell into its own, showcasing some of the best acting of the evening.

Death of a Superhero by Tom Moriarty

The secret identity of the world’s superheros is about to be publicly revealed by a treacherous informant. What does this mean for their private lives? A surreal piece with in-jokes and nods to the superhero movie medium which has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. I don’t get them.

Silver and Gold by Corinne Salisbury

A piece about a high class escort who begins to psychologise her client. “The first scene of a new play in development about wealth, greed, charity, philanthropy and freeloading.”