Review: Life According to Saki

Atticist Productions
At C Chambers Street until August 29th
5 Stars (5 / 5)

I used to be kind, naive and innocent. Now I’m just kind – but you have to specialise these days.

Life According to Saki charms the fringe; an astonishing and diverse new play by Katherine Rundell which should come back again and again.

Saki was the pen name of great Scottish wit Hector Hugh Munro who died in the battle of the Somme. This little gem intersperses biographic details of his life with dramatisations of his short stories.

Expertly directed, often two or three things go on stage at once without busyness or distraction. The performances are animated and colourful. The resourceful use of props costume and set design accommodate asides into Saki’s imagination to the background of the World War One trench he (David Paisley) addresses us from charismatically.

The play climaxes in dance and puppetry, and has a spirited finish.