Review: The Hogwallops

Lost in Translation Circus
At Underbelly’s Circus Hub until August 22nd
4 Stars (4 / 5)

The Hogwallops is a delightful show for children, and grown ups accompanying these excited children. Very loosely inspired by Roald Dahl’s short story on The Twits, it takes place on the Hogwallops’ father’s birthday. The circus stunts, which are what audiences are there for, are simple but full of suspense, as it is always highly admirable to see incredible feats unfold right in front of one’s eyes. In addition to acrobatic fun, the show’s nonsensical elements are typically slapstick and still draws out laughter form the audience, especially children, who are constantly engaged by the circus segments that seem so new to their experience. The show is extremely predictable in almost everything, but a novel idea to the under-eights. In addition, the simplicity of the story helps the audience to appreciate the main focus of the performance.

If you are above the age of twelve, what makes this show worth watching is the enthusiasm of little audience members as much as it is the fine execution of Lost in Translation Circus’ stunts. The mostly young audience celebrates the absurdity and conveniently ignores the inconsistent plot line.

The Hogwallops possesses entertainment value and theatricality, and will be a fun afternoon spent for anyone who wishes to see this show.