Review: Terra Incognita

Temper Theatre
At Zoo Southside until August 29th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Temper Theatre’s Terra Incognita is exceptional simply because it manages, with virtually no words spoken, to explore the issue of global warming and drives the point home. Science is not a typical topic for physical theatre, but director Finn Morrell goes beyond the research and dives straight into the heart and humanity of it all.

This visual representation of a prophecy provides glimpses into the world’s final moments through a story of realisation and sacrifice. The whole performance takes place in near-darkness like a cinematic dreamscape, transporting the audience to different locations fluidly through the use of shadow and flash lights. The soundscape is completely warped like an overload of the senses, adding to the chaotic atmosphere of the world in a process of destruction. The performers are exceptional in the use of their bodies as instruments of storytelling, and their mastery of the props and puppets they interact with.

The total cohesion of all the elements onstage result in a highly spectacular theatrical event that can be discussed for hours and remembered for even longer. Terra Incognita, like the gargantuan ideas it seeks to explore, is definitely a story of our time.