Review: Trumpageddon

JayBird Productions
Sweet Grassmarket (Apex Hotel) until August 28th
4 Stars (4 / 5)


Simon Jay, a flamboyant English thespian, transforms himself into Donald Trump. More stark a contrast between his offstage countenance and onstage persona is harder to imagine.

His facial expressions and gesticulations are excellent, and in-jokes keep rolling out of him (“he’s a great guy, he’s a great guy… he’s a guy…”) never failing to rouse a laugh. He sounds, looks and acts the part.

Trump is not exactly a moving target, and Jay has clearly capitalised on this as he tries to instill the fear of Trumpageddon to sell-out audiences day after day. Nonetheless this is not a performance without substance. The prepared material is well placed and what is more Jay is an astonishingly adroit ad-libber. His crackerjack improvisations and interactions with the audience are sometimes stunning. While to a degree the performance could benefit from a stronger structure, as Jay relies heavily on his off-the-cuff strong-suit, no one can dispute his finesse.