Review: Pss Pss

Compagnia Baccalà
Assembly Roxy until August 29th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Two clowns (Simone Fassari, Camilla Pessi) with a lunchbox are prevented from having a meal when they discover a theatre of people staring at them. Compagnia Baccalà’s Pss Pss is a piece inspired by the legends of silent films as they zealously get themselves in and out of trouble while having fun, and sharing all of that with the audience.

Pss Pss proves, more than anything, that simplicity never fails. The clowns operate on the basic principles of silliness, curiosity, and their desire to please. Beyond the clowning, what sells this show is their relationship with each other and the audience, whose enjoyment and involvement are tremendously vital to the success of this act. Furthermore, perhaps it is a trick of the mind, but the basic colours of black, green and red seem to frame the entire show beautifully.

Apart from moments when the illusion of spontaneity is broken with a preempted reaction, Pss Pss is otherwise perfect and a total delight to watch. Fassari and Pessi have mastered their art and there is no stopping them both.