Review: Blood Will Have Blood

August 29th at C Nova
3 Stars (3 / 5)

ImmerCity’s Blood Will Have Blood is set within the world of Macbeth and fleshes out the details of Fleance’s disappearance after his father Banquo’s death. Audience members, or rather, participants, take on the role of Fleance as they wake up in a forest, void of recollection of their identity. Fleance encounters a strange woman who sets him tasks and eventually reveals information about his history and a glimpse of the future… and then he is forced to make a choice.

As enticing as the idea of an interactive audio-immersive piece seems, the execution falls a little flat and can afford to go further in terms of immersion. Much effort is put into creating the world through the use of props and the soundtrack that participants hear through individual headphones, but with artistic concepts like this, it is all a matter of hit or miss. One either has a fully-fleshed piece, or the illusion fails. With Blood Will Have Blood, one does not miss out on the experience if he or she chooses only to listen to the soundtrack. The stakes of participation or withdrawal are no different.

Blood Will Have Blood is an experience for participants who are willing to trust the idea and creative team, and involve themselves wholeheartedly with the plot as events unfold. The more one engages, the more fun one is likely to have.