Review: I Am Somebody

Sirqus Alfon
August 29th at Gilded Balloon Teviot
4 Stars (4 / 5)

I Am Somebody is daring, cheeky and a celebration of the digital age. What separates them from every other variety and circus act in town is their heavy reliance on multimedia.

Martin Östman, Erik Rosales and Henrik Strindberg, the three main performers of the show, are a formidable team that blaze through the hour with ingenious executions of basic acts. They are clowns, musicians, movement artists—but most importantly, grown ups who have not forgotten what it means to be children. The lighting, sound, projections and props feature heavily and are completely relevant to the success of the show. Although there seems to be no relationship between the title and the performance, or no overall concept driving the show, all the elements work together to deliver an hour-long phantasmagoria of skill and silliness. Never once is the audience ignored, as the actors serve their enjoyment through a display of their various talents, and bust out cameras for live footage.

There is no need to categorise Sirqua Alfon’s I Am Somebody. One cannot distill this performance into a single sentence. This production from Sweden is in a league and genre of its own.