Review: On The Town

Glasgow Music Theatre
31st January – 4th February, Eastwood Park Theatre

Three sailors on their first shore leave in New York quest to see the sights and find some company for their scant twenty-four hours in the city. On The Town – a 1944 by Betty Comden and Adolph Green – has unfortunately seen few performances since it’s debut on Broadway but Glasgow Music Theatre do an impeccable job bringing this classic to life.

In a show this undeniably campy and high octane a certain commitment to the format is required, and no element ever deviates form the bombastic energy needed to allow the show live up to its potential. A sublime combination of choreography, acting and musical ability.

The incredible prowess the main cast bring as individuals combine into electric chemistry and a unit. Every second they share on stage is a joy to behold. Kris Morrison, playing Ozzie, delivers each moment with such enthusiasm and skill that he appears whirlwind of energy on the stage. Christina Leon, playing Hildy, must be offered the highest commendation off all. Shining so brightly in an already stellar cast, it is hard to tell if her powerful voice, wonderful physical performance or split second comic timing which truly sets her apart. The chorus brings commitment to every moment leaving never a dull moment. Every moving part has it’s story to tell and no part of the cast appears a waste.

The music is well executed, the choreography beautiful and the minimalist set design well utilised, supplementing a great piece and delivering it into excellence. Unfortunately, a plethora of technical glitches regrettably mar an otherwise amazing experience.