Review: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Baxter Theatre Centre
Central Hall, Lothian Road until  Aug 9th

American High School Theatre Festival bring to life Sondheim, ‎Burt Shevelove‎ and ‎Larry Gelbart delicious comedy inspired by the ancient Roman playwright Plautus. It contains all the key ingredients mistaken identities, characters dressing up as one-another, slapstick, interweaving plot-points that lead characters to cross one another, and all the other elements of farce. Add to that a touch of lyrical genius and there’s something for everyone – A Comedy Tonight!

Pseudolus (Dylan Rice), a slave, wants his freedom. His owner is a young boy whose parents want him to stay naive of the fact there is a house of courtesan’s next door, except he has fallen in love with the most expensive and coveted of them all. A Virgin from Cyprus. If Pseudolus can get him the girl, his master Hero will set him free.

Lydia Smith gives a show stopping performance as Hysterium, a (notably hysterical) maid who is drafted into Pseudolus schemes. Mirrima Meredith also excels as Hero’s mother, and hearts skip when Kate Bergey, who plays the love-interest – Philia – dances for Hero in the song Lovely. Dylan Rice leads the show as Pseudolus characteristically and full of charm, a bright future awaits if he hones his pitching.

These young enthusiastic teens and twenty-somethings earn a hearty bravo for doing such a challenging piece justice.