Review: China Goes Pop!

China Arts and Entertainment Group
Assembly Hall,  Aug 9-27

3 Stars (3 / 5)

China Goes Pop! features a variety of entertainment acts accompanied by variations of western and Chinese pop music. While there are some acts that are truly impressive and probably will not feature in any other show at the Fringe, the show remains rather cheesy due to its non-sequitur costumes and futile attempts at contextualising the segments within a basic narrative. While that is not necessarily problematic, the show is an almost even split between fantastic stunts and lacklustre dance sequences. Regardless, there is something watchable about a troupe of sweet-faced men and women with lean, muscular physiques. The performers are poised and controlled to the extent that there is practically zero trembling or panting despite the energetic performance from start to finish. China Goes Pop! is a fun event for anyone seeking to take a break from conventional programs at the Fringe.