Review: B*easts

Something for the Weekend
Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 11-13, 15-27

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Very rarely is it comfortable to spend an hour watching someone talk. Usually there is an urge to reply, check one’s phone, grab a coffee or leave. However, Monica Dolan makes it one of the easiest experiences in her self-written show, The B*easts, in which her character Tessa reveals the details of Karen, a client, who has been publicly vilified and placed in an institution for allowing her daughter to acquire D-cup breast implants at the age of 8. While this case may seem outrageous, Tessa’s monologue challenges this perception and naturally opens conversations about motherhood, guilt, herd mentality and the sexualisation of women.

Perhaps some would be bored at this show, as Dolan remains seated almost throughout, addressing the audience head on. Yet there is no doubt that Dolan is a fantastic actor. She engages the audiences and sustains their attention. Her body is so connected with her well-written text that one often forgets this is a solo drama piece.

The B*easts raises some crucial issues about society that leaves audiences pondering long after it has ended.