Review: Bruce

The Last Great Hunt
Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 11-13, 15-27

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Bruce is a fantastic show from start to finish. While it may take a while for audiences to get used to the concept, the performers are extremely skilled in manipulating a yellow block of foam to portray various characters in the story, complete with different accents and accompanying sound effects. The story of Bruce is straightforward, but its ingenuity lies in the various plot twists and how brilliantly each loose end is tied up.

What makes Bruce such a superb piece of theatre is how well all its elements work together. The setup is simple but the sum is much greater than its parts. Each character is given a life and energy of its own, and the ease with which the two performers switch between multiple characters in a scene with unbelievable clarity and specificity is impressive.

This show is an hour well spent for everyone, and is a definite masterclass in storytelling and performance for actors all around.