Review: Un Poyo Rojo

Poyo Rojo
Dance Base, Aug 11 – 27

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Poyo Rojo’s Un Poyo Rojo is a movement piece set in a locker room. Two men (Luciana Rosso, Alfonso Baron) attempt to upstage the other in an unspoken battle of machismo. Performed mostly in silence, the choreography is gorgeous, funny, sizzling and thrilling all at once. The performers carry a fresh energy with them that drives the show from start to finish, engaging a variety of movement styles including wrestling and mating dances often observed amongst birds.

Luciana Rosso is amazingly specific in his body isolation, and Alfonso Baron’s expressions are genuinely comedic. Un Poyo Rojo is creative, cheeky and addresses the behaviour of alpha-males and masculinity with a curiosity, frequently returning to flamboyant or sensual choreography to challenge stereotypes. There are genuinely unexpected moments in the choreography that make the audience howl with laughter and admiration and the incredulity of these two men fight it out on stage.

Un Poyo Rojo is truly enjoyable and a fantastic show to watch.