Review: Like Blood From a Cheap Cigar

Genevieve Joy
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall until Aug 26th 2017

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Trying to tie George down to a commitment, Margo finds, is like trying to squeeze blood from a cheap cigar. Genevieve Joy and Joseph Reitman sensitively portray the buzz of a highly charged dysfunctional relationship between a young girl who is charmed into bed by an elder man who knows all the right things to say.

It’s not that George doesn’t care for Margo, he would hate to think of her unhappy, but here’s the thing… he can’t trust himself not to do what he wants when he wants when she’s not around, and he gets frantically sick of her asking him to. Add a bad cocaine habit into the bargain and he refuses to be held to any standards her might fall short of. Discussion is off the table and Margo is forced to love it or leave it.

Joy and Reitman bring an incredible sensitivity to a contemporary tale, deeply believable, managing an enjoyable diversity of tones. The naturalistic comedy and repartee brings warmth to the drama. As the play looks at two excerpts from the relationship between Margo and George, one from the beginning of the relationship and one from the end, the transformation between the performers is palpable showing a range of capabilities. An exemplary first offering from playwright-performer Genevieve Joy.