Review: Me and Robin Hood

Pleasance Dome, Aug 11 – 27

5 Stars (5 / 5)

One hour: one man, no set, no lights, no music, no props. And yet, Shon Dale-Jones manages to captivate the audience from start to finish with his solo show Me and Robin Hood. As with Dale-Jones’ style, the show weaves together two stories from two separate occasions, the first about him and his best friend discovering Robin Hood and later the junior football team, and the second about him going to court for civil disobedience.

Blending fact, fiction, fantasy and history into one unbelievable tale that is at the very end a commentary about the state this world has come to, Dale-Jones is an enthusiastic performer who is not afraid to reveal the weakest aspects of his character or unleash his fury. The show plays with the audience’s trust in Dale-Jones as a reliable narrator, traversing between hopeful innocence and danger in order to question the status quo, the difference between radicalism and terrorism, chaotic good and aggression.

With so little needed to say so much, there is no doubt that Shon Dale-Jones is one of the best living storytellers in the world today.