Review: 26.2

Lucy McConnell
Paradise in the Vault, Aug 16 – 19

2 Stars (2 / 5)

26.2 miles is the distance Lucy McConnell thought she would never be able to complete in a single run. The show 26.2 is based on her personal experience of how she made it happen anyway. The story is simple and honest, with sacrifices and doubts that will test a person’s willpower.

The show, however, is in dire need of an artistic overhaul. 26.2 has tons of potential to be so much better than it currently is. The format is bland and borderline cheesy. The cues are frequently slow or shaky. The adrenaline of running is hinted at but never actually present in the show.

McConnell is perhaps not a performer, but her experience is definitely worth sharing. McConnell’s story is inspirational and may just be the motivation anybody needs to start running, or simply achieve something that one may think is impossible.