Review: One-Man Apocalypse Now

Chris Davis
Sweet Grassmarket, Aug 8 – 27

3 Stars (3 / 5)

Chris Davis returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with another solo show, this time a radical condensation of the film classic Apocalypse Now. Throughout the hour he plays the various characters that drive the plot forward, re-enacting famous scenes from the movie, and even tinkers with some meta-theatre through referencing the Edinburgh Fringe and 21st-century pop culture.

This ambitious undertaking takes place mostly on or around an air mattress. Davis draws laughter from the audience, especially from anyone who has seen the original film. For those who have yet to see the show, it might be worth giving the film a watch after, as even Wikipedia’s synopsis will be highly truncated.

Davis is fun to watch and bravely subjects himself to ridiculous tasks. He is unafraid to bare his wit and body, and his re-enactment of the stripper scene will be remembered for a while.