Review: The Duke

Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 14 – 27

4 Stars (4 / 5)

With just a microphone and some self-triggered sound effects, Shon Dale-Jones spends an hour at a desk relating a story that seems too good to be true. As he attempts to rewrite a movie script over a weekend in 2015, he is distracted by a radio news report on the Syrian refugee crisis. At the same time, his mother calls to tell him that an important porcelain figure of The Duke of Wellington has broken.

Dale-Jones takes the audience through his recount of the weekend, blending fiction with reality, stories with truth. His tale is funny yet poignant, and despite how incredulous it is, draws the audience in and takes them right to the heart of the action, however quotidian it may be. Almost effortlessly, Dale-Jones succeeds in getting the audience to believe in his audacious weekend and support his appalling lack of priority.

Dale-Jones is a brilliant storyteller, whose desire to connect his work to the issues of the world makes his shows all the more worth seeing.