Review: The Marriage of Kim K

Arcola Theatre
C, Chambers Street, Edinburgh until ‚Äč August 28th

3 Stars (3 / 5)

It begins very promisingly with electro-infused pop which segues into the famous overture from Mozart’s le nozze di figaro… people crawl forward to the edge of their seats.

However, this ambitious fusion of pop, electronic and classical music never quite reaches its potential. Quite frankly the plot involving the Kardashians is boring as all hell, and to boot the lyrics are dreadful. Those that fill the space between songs are bad enough, sometimes as banal as people singing “how was your day”, but those be excused if the songs themselves were not lacking in poetry. This is the saddest shame because in fact much of the music is quite phenomenal and impressive, the scoring of the vocals when more than one character sings at once far transcending what one generally expects from a new musical at the fringe. Some of the singers, especially those coming at it from the operatic side, have extraordinary voices. Composer, Stephen Hyde, is clearly a Bernstein seeking his Sondheim or Burt Bacharach seeking his Hal David.

Some scenes are very successful. Usually those that mix opera, and those where the plot of the opera parallels that of the concomitant musical. There are some welcome laughs, and its especially funny hearing opera singers dressed to the nines lament in contemporary parlance.