Review: Lie With Me

Red Bastard
19th – 27th August
Pleasance Courtyard
4 Stars (4 / 5)

What’s frightening truthful, seductively clever and red all over?

Red Bastard is back with a new show that needs to be experienced to be believed. This time it’s all about the lies we tell each other in love, no stone nor secret left unturned.

Another striking performance from a sophisticated solo artist with absolute power and presence on the stage. Subtlety, strange antics and some thought-provoking audience participation that leaves everyone either laughing, bristling or somewhere in between.

Lie With Me is excellent, Red Bastard is a craftsman. At worst – it represents a different perspective on the way we look at love, lies and each other. At best – it is a gripping, eye-opening and thought provoking piece of performance art, brought to you by a genius of movement and tone.

Don’t miss The Bastard! (if you can handle the truth…)