Review: Ordinary Days

Streetlights, People! Productions
C Royale, George Street, Edinburgh until ‚Äč August 28th

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Life in New York can be stressful at the best of time, but when you’re quick to temper, lacking in direction, clinging on to the past for dear life, or codependent on a partner who is not as demonstrative as you are… well, ordinary days can be a bit of a struggle.

Adam Gwon’s 2008 musical is sung through with no dialogue, the music is chipper, charismatic and varied. Streetlights, People! Productions do a lot with a little space, their actors selected well for their characters and each can really sing.

Ordinary Days saves the best for last. The last few numbers are truly uplifting (even the tear-jerking ones) they reveal the deeper notions that have underlain the entire piece and show some characters, who were not necessarily sympathetic to simply be acting on human foibles that can be forgiven. The show encourages us to the notion that beauty must be discovered by a closer, and certainly a keen eye will find much to delight in right here.