Review: The Girl Who Loved Stalin

Campfire Stories Theatre Company
Until 26th August 2007
theSpace @ Jury’s Inn (Venue 260) ‚Äč
3 Stars (3 / 5)

A dating agency for dictators may sound far fetched, but even Boris Yeltsin the first president of The Russian Federation is signing up in hope of securing a date. Unfortunately he isn’t quite the totalitarian his predecessor was and his sex-crazed suitor is desperate to see him live up (even dress up) to the real thing. Poor Boris just wants to be loved for who he is rather than who he can pretend to be. He is serially rejected by the bawdy wife of an oblivious Robert Mugabwe and the eponymous girl who loved Stalin played by Aditi Mohan who gives a truly fruity performance.

Not every tale of a woman’s desperate desire to be dominated by a despotic dictator packs such frivolous and jolly punches. Campfire Stories Theatre Company go all out to lunch with this surrealistic offering penned by playwright/preformer Jake Mace. Everyone has fun, both on stage and off of it, that is clear, and the joy with which these five pull of their unpc antics is crazily infectious. Audience members groan then when they are called upon, not quite sure what they are getting themselves into, then quickly settle down and merrily play along.

The story doesn’t come to a conclusion so much as end but perhaps that is intended as part of the charm of the sometimes slipshod compilation of slapstick, surreal and contemporary humour. No one leaves without a smile on their face.