Review: Lost in Thought

Chatback Theatre and Comedy
Underbelly, Cowgate – until August 26th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

“If I don’t get this toilet roll to stop in the right place my mum might die…”

Felicity, Flick, suffers from OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Out of control, intrusive thoughts about her mum’s mortality cause her to perform strange and increasingly complex rituals which have taken over her entire life.

At its best the direction is dynamic and fluid. There is lots of good material in Lucy Danser’s piece but some of it could be better handed to the audience. The first dramatic material taking place in the toilet, where Felicity is trapped after a great start to a date, could have lead the piece to set the tone rather than a series of monologues alternating between the two actors. An old maxim among writers is “don’t tell, show,” and this is even more important in theatre than in a novel. There are long monologues to the audience, the content of which could have been revealed through drama instead. Not all of them are bad, by any means, there are just too many of them. An extended monologue about all of Felicities different symptoms is excellent, “if someone talks about death – I spit.” We see the irrationality of our own compulsions reflected in the piece.