Liz Roche Company
Dance Base – until August 19th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

WRoNGHEADED merges film, voice and movement to confront the realities of women’s rights and freedom of choice in Ireland. Choreographed by Liz Roche and performed by Justine Cooper and Sarah Cerneaux, this dance piece is short and sweet, yet loaded with content.

The piece is choreographed to a woman’s voice (Elaine Feeney, who also wrote the content) with almost no musical underscoring whatsoever. The woman shares anecdotes about the women she knows in Ireland, all of them making the best of their lives yet not quite succeeding, making difficult choices–or sometimes not even having a choice–but nonetheless in the same boat, with the same desire for more choice. As Cooper and Cerneaux navigate the space, thoughts and each other’s bodies, they seem wide-eyed, mouth slightly agape. Whether intentional or not, it conveys a mix of uncertainty and anxiety, fitting the themes of the performance, and also contrasts with the ferocity of their bodies.

WRoNGHEADED examines women’s rights with diligence and finely balances vulnerability with determination, reminding its audience of how far women have come, and how much farther to go.