Review: Don Juan

A Slightly Isolated Dog
Assembly George Square – until August 27th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Famously french, interactive and entertaining rendering of the famous tale of an old-school player who took it too far.

Don Juan travels the land and sea seducing women and leaving them to pine for him. He has no care for the feelings of others, living only for his own sensual pleasures, … but his judgement is coming!

A Slightly Isolated Dog‘s production is melodramatic and fabulous! Their rabble-rousing show calls upon select audience members to play minor roles, and participate in setting the scene for the mayhem. At one point we, at the front, are asked to hold a huge plastic sheet and shake it up and down, emulating waves on the ocean. Don Juan and his Lackey emerge from a hole in the middle in their make-shift boat, the effect is stunning and provokes a huge round of applause.

The cast themselves exchange roles as well as playing outrageous actors playing the roles, who randomy have existential crises or declare their love for audience members, and other stereotypically French stuff… occasionally they all break into song together, and fine voices they have too.

Unfortunately the show does not have a particularly satisfying ending, it just peters out, which is a shame because up until that point there have been poignant climaxes.

Overall this production is unique and has to be seen to be believed. Highly competent, entertaining, funny, and gives you a taste of the classic story…