Review: Bon 4 Bon

Chang Dance Theatre
Dance Base – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Choreographed by Eyal Dadon, Bon 4 Bon explores the dancers’ sibling-hood; growing up in the same household, working together to avoid punishment from their parents, and their strong connection to the mango fruit.

The four brothers are mesmerising dancers in their own right, and a formidable ensemble. The imagery in this show is extremely vivid, as they take on group poses not unlike Power Rangers and synchronised choreography while still maintaining their individual spirit. At one point, they rip off one of their socks and exchange it for someone else’s. Their unity is simply conveyed, and it is later revealed that this moment comes from the fact that they shared a wardrobe in their childhood. As they manipulate each other’s bodies, lift, throw and glide through the space, their childhood comes to life as the audience sees them competing with each other, settling petty disputes, and above all, learning to understand each other. A line from The Beatles’ song Blackbird suddenly resonates: ‘all your life’, brothers stay together.

Four brothers, four dancers, and one beautiful show.