Review: Jericho

Underbelly Cowgate – until August 26th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

MALAPROP Theatre is not afraid to ask the big questions. Jericho tackles gimmicky journalism, exploring the toxic relationship between politics and entertainment. It combines Roland Barthes quotes with pro-wrestling, with video clips variously projected onto three screens onstage. A journalist (Maeve O’Mahony) sits onstage and talks about her writing assignment to cover the World Wrestling Entertainment event in Ireland, and has meetings with her colleagues who are presented only as talking mouths on screen. She is accompanied by a man (John Gunning) who occasionally chews into a microphone for his online audio channel because it is relaxing for its listeners.

There is no doubt that Jericho is creative and its intentions are clear. However, its execution could afford to be more coherent and seamless in weaving its components together. The big questions are asked, but its potential for theatrical delivery could be further explored. Nonetheless, Jericho is a unique and relevant piece of work. As MALAPROP Theatre continues to develop its distinct approach to theatre-making, it is rather likely that their name will become rather significant in the coming years.