Review: See-Through

Claire Gaydon
Summerhall – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

See-Through provides a unique experience for its audience. Despite being labelled as performance art, and one that takes place mostly on a screen, the show has a strong storytelling element as it charts Claire Gaydon’s attempt at YouTube stardom from scratch. Gaydon is down-to-earth, silly and performs her naivety with a dose of irony. Her videos are creatively edited, and is mixed with interactive live components during which she asks various audience members to help her complete certain tasks. Gaydon crafts a journey that pulls the audience in despite its absurd content. It reveals the sheer amount of work that goes into creating and sustaining a YouTube channel, and the pitfalls of taking the endeavour too seriously.

See-Through is straightforward and light-hearted, but still manages to evoke a little tinge of sadness as Gaydon gently reveals her strained relationship with her mother in a confession video amidst her ongoing pursuit for YouTube recognition. Yet, the drama is not at all overdone. The show ends with Gaydon finally facing the audience, performing a beautifully effervescent cover of Nora Jones’ Lonestar, a song she was meant to sing at her mother’s 60th birthday party.