Review: Square Go

A Francesca Moody Production
Summerhall – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Square Go punches straight into the space from the get-go. Best friends Max (Scott Fletcher) and Stevie (Gavin Jon Wright) enter and banter, all dressed up in lycra. It is a hilarious sight to see two grown men attempting to be boys, but by the end of the show, that is the last thing on anyone’s minds.

Fletcher and Wright ride the crowd’s energy and raise it even more. They treat the space like a wrestling arena, running around, booming into microphones and even donning luchadore masks. The audience is with them all the way, cheering and applauding as Max and Stevie explain the history behind their arch nemesis Danny Guthrie, missing fathers and the context behind Max’s first ever square go. Writers Kieran Hurley and Gary McNair seamlessly weave comedic and uncomfortable moments together to tell a simple of tale of bullying, capturing the perspectives of both the bullies and the bullied through the eyes of two innocent children.

This is a show that transports the audience back into mucky secondary school courtyards and grimy toilets, bringing back the underlying anxiety of never really feeling safe in one’s skin. Square Go is a fine example of how to achieve a lot with very little.