Chase Scenes

Ming Hon
CanadaHub @ King’s Hall – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

You literally get what you pay for in this fast-paced multimedia experience. Three actors (Ming Hon, Hilary Anne Crist and Alexandra Elliott) sprint into action, taking turns to run and hold cameras that track each other’s movements. Each type of ‘chase’ is projected onto screens that also live-stream the action, sometimes paired with on-site video sequences and shots of their supposed locations.

The word ‘chase’ seems rather misleading; perhaps ‘running’ might be a more appropriate term, as the women are not always being chased, but are still always engaged in quick movement, be it parkour, jogging or fleeing a wedding. The idea of being chased elicits an element of fear, which results in repetitive shrill exclamations, gasps and panicky screaming from the actors, hence diluting the unique quality of each chase.

The action forĀ Chase Scenes takes place all over the space; amidst the audience, on the viewing gallery, and even the outside lobby as a camera follows a woman sprinting and leaping down a flight of stairs and climbing pillars. The cameras also create an additional dimension to the piece, toying with cinematic tropes that characterise such sequence.

Chase Scenes is packed with adrenaline and inventiveness, slickly choreographed and certainly entertaining.