Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

ZOO Playground – Playground 3 – until August 26th
2 Stars (2 / 5)

The future is kind of boring. People shuffle around the countryside aimlessly. There is not very much atmosphere and no dialogue because most of the text is read in a voice over. The writing lacks poetry or imagery. It is a stale account of what the authors Utopian vision of the future looks like, except if he really wanted to live in the world he describes nothing much is stopping him from moving to the countryside. I guess he would miss out on the convenient magical inventions that will probably have to be invented by capitalists at some point before “Robot Socialism” becomes widely adopted. It’s unlikely to hold much emotional resonance because it is not emotionally resonant. Drama has to somehow be introjected into the second-person voice over which is telling us what we think and feel – their are random strikes of shock and distress which are simply shoehorned in to give the illusion of emotional contour.

The best moment in the piece is when the performer stacks the random bric-a-brac she has been toying with on stage for half an hour into a view of a future city from a mountain top. It looks really cool and was the defining moment of the piece. We all want to change the world, as John Lennon quoth in Revolution, but can we not have a laugh and some characters along with that please.