Want the Moon Theatre
ZOO Playground – Playground 1 – until August 26th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

James is a weird guy. He’s not very demonstrative, but it often seems like he’s flirting with Nat. At least she thinks he’s flirting with her. Or is he? It’s hard to tell.

Each day she comes in with bright expectations of the way he might be sweet and kind to her and take her on a date or kiss her… but he never does. Her expectations dashed she conjures up a multimedia fantasy world of kitchen dates, Chopin etudes, and wedding rings. Fact is, while James likes Nat, he also finds her kind of snooty. She’s not really, but he perceives her that way because he can’t properly decode her language, it’s a bit over his head sometimes and he takes it wrong. These are the most intelligent passages in the writing, little sparks of genius in the ambiguity.

The action on stage is kinetic and the use of space wise. Occasionally during the most dramatic moments it seems the characters are at a distance when the words suggest they should be advancing upon one another and the dramatic vocabulary could be expanded, there are more ways to be emotional than to get angrily loud or upset. Nonetheless, Shadows is promising new writing from Leeds based Want the Moon Theatre.