Flowers for Algernon

American High School Theatre Festival
Central Hall – until August 7th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Daniel Keyes masterpiece of a novel is brought to life by these young, enthusiastic players.

Charlie Gordon was born with a mental impairment. A new experimental procedure promises the hope of at last being normal. Not just being normal – but being smart! Something that he has always dreamed of.

The problem is, being smart when you’ve been dumb your whole life may not be as simple as it once seemed. Charlie has to decode memories from his entire past and come to an understanding that what he thought went on might not have matched exactly what did go on. Were the folks are work whom he thought were his friends actually making fun of him? And why does everyone treat him like some kind of laboratory experiment? Charlie has to work through his traumas and feels the fears of the old Charlie he once was dragging him backwards, preventing him from forming intimate relationships.

Bring a handkerchief. The portrayal of Charlie Gordon is incredibly stirring, he manages to tailor his mental maturity and emotiveness expertly to each stage of Gordon’s development. The “younger” Charlie, while he says little, also carries himself with a certain poise and emotionality that brings depth to the piece as the two battle out for contol of the body.