Bound By Theatre
ZOO Playground – Playground 3 – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

What if you met your capricious bosses daughter at a swingers party?
What if you could tell your dads slightly nerdy under-achiever of an intern could provide you with something you’ve been looking for?

You’d never be caught dead at a swingers party? Don’t worry – you don’t have to go to such extremes to learn a little about kink. While you everyone chooses their own level of involvement – such is the etiquette – no one can guarantee that is you just sit back and observe you won’t see anything that makes you uncomfortable. In fact in all likelihood you will squirm many times in sympathy as these two often-awkward kinksters try desperately to connect while maintaining their status, sense of dignity and self-respect. How exactly do you tell someone that you want them – and what you want from them – without making it too easy, or without opening yourself up to a humiliating rejection?

It is awesome to behold the balance of power shift constantly between Kristen Winters and Vincent Santvoord in this thrilling piece. The two accuse one another dramatically of character flaws and use one another as foils for their own frustrations. Interpersonal tensions build. The climax will likely have you gripping onto arms of your chair. With what, exactly, really depends on how vanilla you are.