Now That’s What I Call Brexit!

Blowfish Theatre
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – until August 26th
5 Stars (5 / 5)

Where else can you see Rees-Mogg as portrayed as an evil fishnet-clad overlord, summoned from the deep reaches of hell to the morose tones of Gregorian-inspired latin cabaret…

It has to be in Blowfish Theatre’s extraordinary production of Now That’s What I Call Brexit.

Let’s face it. With a show such entitled, you could fill up seats and offer nothing, but Blowfish are anything but lazy. This is one of two click-bait contemporary musicals they are bringing to The Fringe this year, the other being Trump! The Musical, of which tickets seem to be flying, and this the under-sung hero of the two.

A bubbling buffoon of a Boris is baited by Malicious Michael Gove into stabbing a woefully naive David Cameron in the back, more than once. Each angles for power. Boris is unsure he has it in him, but he has to live up to the shoes he has been forced to fill.

The music is diverse and interesting. So many botch these the attempt to contemporise the musical theatre, a genre which, with few exceptions, sadly seems to have had its day. This one includes a “grime” – a London-styled rap lead by Corbyn on the message of handing out “free stuff” (both the left and the right get it in this take-no-prisoners satire.) Their songs do not disappoint. They are really competent performers. But what really makes this performance wild, funny, endearing, heartful, engaging entertaining – are the characterisations! Each of caricatures hilarious captures something of the essence of a Bonkers Boris, a totally hilarious and ridiculous May who skits around the stage desperate to win approval, an avaricious and socially-awkward Gove, a Toffish Cameron and oblivious Corbyn, and so on.

Now, that really is what I call Brexit.