Pip Utton Theatre Company
Pleasance Courtyard – until August 25th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

Knowledge is limited – Imagination is boundless

It all starts with a thought experiment. Close your eyes and imagine that you are out in the depths of space. Pip Utton is here to take your mind to the deep reaches of outer – and maybe inner – space with his semi-biographical character piece on Einstein, the man, and his works.

His pacing and timing is exquisite, he creates a gravity (if you’ll pardon the pun) which the audience can sink into, and which commands unflinching attention. There are moments of warmth and others of mirth, and Utton does not shy away from unmasking the Einstein’s character flaws as well as his achievements. Relatively speaking, perhaps more emotional levers could be pulled yet. For example, at one point Utton/Einstein utters (of the Nuclear Bombings) “I feel so guilty” – but he doesn’t sound so guilty. Perhaps a missed opportunity for the play to take a morose aside.

Excellent writing and adept characterisation.