One Giant Leap

Chevron Theatre
The Space on the Mile – until August 24th
3 Stars (3 / 5)

What lengths is the head of NASA willing to go to ensure the Soviets don’t win the space race?

One Giant Leap is a charming and humorous new musical in honour of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, in which an eager conspiracy theorist relays the tale, to music, of how the moon landings were faked to an incredulous reporter.

There are tonnes of laughs and the tunes are catchy and varied, the choreography deftly handled. The show is a nice length. Some of the choices to complicate the plot for humorous effect such as having the head of NASA change in fidelity to the real timeline, accompanied by a meant-to-be-hilarious aside, which does provoke a laugh, but could have been given over to allow the characters to develop more. Namely, there is a climatic bust-up scene where one character takes the credit for the other’s work and this was not sufficiently fore-shadowed. This conflict does not lead to the kind of romantic reconciliation we have come to expect as a cliche in these scenarios – which is fine – but it seems as though only one of the characters story arcs reaches a satisfying conclusion. The biggest surprise is that when the actors break the fourth wall we discover they are English rather than American, and that is both funny and impressive.