Miss AmeriKa 

Spitfire Company
Summerhall – until August 25th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

It’s the land of opportunity. A city that never sleeps. The melting pot. It is New York, New York. This is the plac performer Mckenzie Tomski tries to make her own home. Where she will live happily ever after…

On the other hand, New York is also city where nobody can afford their own apartment, where you can’t show weaknesses, and where you’re expected to “fake it till you make it”. This is the city Tomski presents to us. 

Stand-up comedy, rap, dance, and slam poetry, are all combined to a accompanying photography and comic book projections. Tvrdý’s original music echoes a frenetic, yet lonely city, creating a specific street language of beauty that isn’t glamorous. This all highlights Tomski’s dedication and stubbornness to succeed even if it means working crazy hours, losing family, and making best friends of Tinder and Netflix. 

Throughout the performance she does not leave a dedicated square on the stage, which we can easily imagine could be the size of her home. There is only a shabby subway seat and an enlightened pole representing the non-stop journey of trying to achieve something… to find her own place.

Miss AmeriKa is a great and gloomy testimony of hope and loneliness that immigrants face all the time, no matter if it is in New York or anywhere else.