Comedians Theatre Company and Marshall Cordell
Gilded Balloon Teviot – until August 26th
4 Stars (4 / 5)

Erie loves coming back home after a night at the casino to regale the night clerk of his apartment, Hughie, of his adventures and misadventures… sure, he may embellish the truth a little sometimes, but tall tales are the only excitement that poor sap Hughie seems to get. Poor sucker.

The trouble is, Hughie is dead. Erie’s had a run of bad luck at the races, and can’t win much at anything else either. He begins to realise that he was getting more than he thought he was from having someone to talk to. He was getting to feel like he was somebody. Now who is he? Nothing but a nobody.

Eugene O’ Neill’s writing is incredibly deep and sensitive. A deep well of meaning, unravelling little by little, revealing it’s depth largely through Erie’s monologues. Comedians Theatre Company, made up of supporting actor Mike McShane (best known for his savvy improvisations on Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Phil Nichol (winner of a top 2006 Edinburgh Comedy Award), do this ambitious and demanding masterpiece justice. A sensitive performance overflowing with sentiment, benevolence and character.