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2 Stars (2 / 5)

The last few scenes of Parasites are the most powerful.

It’s a dramatic social commentary that looks at six years of a troubled woman’s life, from being kicked out of school for pulling a knife on someone to a stint in prison, to the obstacles she faces in trying to reintegrate with society afterwards – including being disowned by her sister. What is brave about Parasites is that the protagonist is not always a sympathetic character. She is aggressive and entitled. But she tries to turn herself around, and when she does she faces various obstacles.

Parasites could be shaped up into a better piece. Unfortunately the script is mired with cliched turns of phrases, the characters are a little one-dimensional, there are irrelevant/boring asides from minor characters including a lengthy description of the plot of a Bruce Lee movie that do not feed back into the plot. The performance is mired by overacting. The direction, set and use of space are handled well.

The play does not have a strong drum to beat on how society should be reformed to deal with the social issues portrayed, which means we are not shown a specific alternative – or (thankfully) told what to think, but we are certainly left thinking.