Noser Inc.
Greenside Royal Terrace – until August 25th
2 Stars (2 / 5)

Melody leaves the smells of France to take up a job in a London-based start-up pledging to “give ever phone a nose.” Her greatest asset? The nose on the front of her face.

When Melody, outgoing by nature, is paired with Blue, a shy coder, she expects the two will put their heads together to manufacture smells for Noser, but the two fall in love. Will their romance survive the strains of the business world?

Noser is a cute independent musical. The tunes are simply but catchy. Some of the lyrics lack poetry and finesse – just as Melody needed to find Blue, writer Luke Leighfield should perhaps be on the look out for his Hal David or Ira Gershwin. Another problem is the challenges in the plot and their resolutions just appear and disappear again without explanation in a usually unsatisfying way.

Lisa Lynn wins the award for most expressive face. Her looks of hapless bewilderment at the craziness unfolding around her creates a surreal sense of bemusement in the audience. Lara De Belder, playing the CEO of NoseR, gives an extraordinarily hearty and energetic performance, bringing charisma and humour throughout the piece, and some frilly riffs to her vocals to boot.